Thursday, April 09, 2015

Boeing factory tour

February 2015

The Boeing factory that manufactures 747, 767, 777 and 787 is at Everett, north of Seattle. Public can also visit the factory through organized tours from Future of Flight Aviation Centre at Everett.

The Aviation centre has a gallery that has several exhibits.

The Rolls-Royce Engine that powers 787 Dreamliner. It is so huge that we feel dwarfed in front of it. Amazing to see that it powers the entire aircraft.

There is a GE Engine in display.

A real cockpit from 727. We can go inside and handle all controls!!

A wing from 747.Another monster in the gallery. Look at how small a person looks in front of it.

Boeing outsources most of its components. The Dream Lifter lifts all these huge components from various locations (Italy, Japan and Taiwan) to the Boeing factory. There are only four Dream lifters and one of them was at the factory when we visited.

The aircraft that are ready to be delivered to customers.

The main highlight is the tour to the factory. Boeing does not allow people to carry any electronic equipment and wallets. Locker facility is available to securely keep the items.

A "nose" of an aircraft
It is the world’s biggest factory in terms of volume covering about 98 acres!! You can imagine the size. It is really huge. To enter into the factory we had to get down to the tunnel, so long that we could not see the other end. The elevators took us to the upper floor where we can see the aircrafts being assembled.

It is an amazing experience to see those huge Jumbos being assembled. Even the interiors and painting are carried out here. When we went 747 for the Korean Air was being assembled. Boeing uses the runway next to the factory to perform all the testing before delivery to the customer.

I must say that I was completely mesmerized by the visit to the factory. One should not miss this place if you are visiting Seattle.

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Seattle in photos

Feb 2015

The weather in Seattle is always gloomy especially during winter. The day was not different as I was engulfed in mist the moment I got down from the Bus. The road was deserted as people preferred to stay indoors in that gloomy weather. After walking for half an hour on the deserted streets of Downtown Seattle, I reached Space Needle.

Space Needle
The lady at the counter mentioned that the visibility was very low. I had looked at the weather report and it indicated some improvement by noon. Hence I decided to take some risk. The Downtown was covered in fog but it was slowly lifting.

On one side was the view of the harbour. One of the ships loaded with containers was waiting for the signal from harbour to move.

If the weather was clear, I should have seen Mt. Rainier standing at 14,409 feet. But not that day!!

Finally the fog cleared to give a better view of Seattle downtown. But Mt. Rainier still stood behind the clouds. Since the view was much better than expected, I came down the Space Needle as a satisfied man.

Another way to view Seattle downtown is take a cruise. It was situated next to a big wheel.
View of the downtown as the boat left the Jetty.

As the boat moved further, the complete view of Seattle was seen.

A ship loaded with containers in the harbor. Each container is the size of a huge truck.

Waiting for ship!!

Here is the view of the harbour and Seattle wheel.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Radhanagar beach in Havelock

2 January 2015

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The last place of our visit was also the most famous beach in Andaman Islands. It was awarded in 2004 as the best beach in Asia. A great achievement considering many high quality beaches Asia has.

Considering its popularity it is natural to expect large crowds in the beach. The beach is about 12 km from Havelock Jetty. While buses are available from Jetty to Havelock, there are innumerable numbers of private taxis ready to transport people.  

The beach definitely looks spectacular. The blue waters, white sand and dense forest background make this beach beautiful. Local authority has provided enough facilities like sitting areas, changing rooms, toilet and bathrooms. Life guards are also on duty which is a rarity in India.

Even during New Years Eve, the beach was not crowded. There were people but not the kind of crowds we see in places like Goa. Chaya decided to rest on the beach and Tanu got herself busy in building sand castles, I went for a walk along the beach. The stony area marks end of the beach. On the other side was a small, beautiful and secluded beach!!

The small beach
Radhanagar is also a place where I saw many foreign tourists. They seemed to like this beach.

It is Tanu lifting time here. It was time to say Good bye to Andaman after 10 eventful days though we still had to get back to Port Blair before boarding our flight!!  

Finally, Radhanagar beach is also good for sunset!!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Elephant beach in Havelock

2nd January 2015

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The easiest way to see clear water in Havelock Island is by visiting Elephant beach. There are two ways to approach the beach. One way is to take a speed boat from Havelock Jetty. The second option is to walk for about 2km from a place near Radhanagar beach.

We decided to take the boat route. After registering at the counter, we went to “Dakshin” hotel for breakfast. By the time we arrived back at the counter, the place was filled with people and boats were ready to leave. We got an exclusive boat for ourselves. 20 minutes of uneventful journey brought us to the Elephant beach. The scary waves of Ross & Smith were not seen in Havelock!!

We had few things to do in Havelock. I and Chaya went for Snorkeling while Tanu decided to play in water. Later Tanu took courage to use tube and go further into the sea. The water was clear and waves were gentle.

Most tourists concentrate at one point in the beach. I walked little away from the crowded area and it was absolute isolation!! The effect of Tsumani was again visible on this beach in the form of fallen trees.

Here is an uprooted tree.

When I come back, Tanu is still enjoying in water. Not ready to leave the beach!!

Elephant beach is not the one to be missed if you are in Havelock. It is a great place to Snorkel.