Saturday, January 13, 2018

Waterfalls between Kandy and Nuwara Eliya

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For a person who has interest in visiting waterfalls, hilly regions of Sri Lanka provide ample opportunities. While few waterfalls require some amount of hiking, most of them are situated next to the road making to very easy to visit. Our first experience of Sri Lanka waterfalls was during our journey from Kandy to Nuwara Eliya. Due to good rains in the previous weeks, most of the waterfalls were having decent amount of water.

Ramboda waterfalls
Here is the list of waterfalls we saw during our journey. 

Ramboda waterfall
Ramboda waterfall is a major waterfall on the route between Kandy and Nuwara Eliya. It is a multiple stage falls but from the road a short step is visible. Most visitors will just look at this falls from the road and proceed further. Few of them play in the water near the small waterfall. But to view the real beauty, you have to walk a bit.

Ramboda upstream waterfall
From the bridge on the main road take the path that goes up. You have to climb up for about 20-30 minutes in the forest. The path is next to the stream and it is possible to get down to the stream at few places. There are many mini waterfalls on the way.

Though there were steps for most part of the route, I felt bit tired as I was hungry at that time. But the moment I reached the end of the trail, all my tiredness suddenly vanished. I was standing in front of a huge waterfall. The setting of this falls looked like a big amphitheater. An amazing place.

Ramboda downstream waterfall
The least visited waterfall of Ramboda. A deviation from main highway goes into Ramboda hotel. We had to enter into the hotel, pass through the corridors, get down 3-4 floors in the hotel and pass through the restaurant. We were pleasantly surprised to see the huge falls from the restaurant. We walked down for few hundred meters on well defined path to reach the base of the waterfall. 

The two step waterfall is huge and stunning. The water after the falls is diverted through small canal to generate hydro electricity. 

I was quite surprised that the posh hotel people allowed tourists to visit waterfalls. But “Not everyone is allowed” said driver. He said that while locals were discouraged from entering, foreigners were allowed. We were also not charged for the entry.

Puna waterfalls
I am not sure whether the name is correct but this beautiful falls makes it appearance from the roadside. Though this looked big, we did not go near this waterfalls. There might be a way to the base.

Unnamed falls 1
A roadside waterfall. This was the first one we saw on the highway. So, we were excited and stopped for a while to have a look at it and take a snap!!

Unnamed waterfall 2
Another waterfall next to the highway. Before Ramboda falls. It looked big with multiple stages. From the base, we could only see the bottom part.

We went bit back and got a view of the top portion of this waterfalls.

If you are traveling between Kandy and Newark Eliya during or just after rainy season, expect lot of pit stops to enjoy the waterfalls!!

Saturday, January 06, 2018

Travel to Sri Lanka

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For the last 7-8 years, I have been traveling during Christmas time. Our company has shutdown during year end and my daughter also has school holidays. Until now, all Christmas travel was within India but this year we decided to try somewhere outside. Sri Lanka which was in my backlog got priority!! Sri Lanka has lot of similarities with India. At many times you do not feel that you are outside India!! Though road conditions, driving, cleanliness and civic sense is not comparable with western countries but it is definitely better than India.

St. Clair's falls in Sri Lanks
Before writing posts about our experience in Sri Lanka, I thought I will summarize some of the important aspects of our trip. For a person looking at information, this would be the most important post!!

We had 8 days in hand for Sri Lanka. Though it is a small island, I realized that the time we had was very less for the country. It had lot to offer in terms of beaches, history, cultural, religious, forest, wild life sanctuaries and hilly places. I chose to concentrate on west, central and southern part of the country considering the probability of good weather during December. The east and northern part of the country receives lot of rain in December.

My personal preference was hilly regions. But ignoring few historical and religious places in Sri Lanka did not look like a good plan. Hence I included them too. Chaya and Tanu refused to be part of the trip if beaches were not included!! So, the itinerary consisted of areas around Colombo, Kandy, Nuwara Eliya, Ella and Galle. 

Our Sri Lanka travel

Currently Jet Airways and Sri Lankan airlines have direct connectivity between Bengaluru and Colombo. Indigo will be adding its services from January 2018. The standard return ticket would be between 12K to 15K INR. I had accumulated some Jet Airways miles and got it converted for award tickets. I ended up only paying the tax part. So, a significant amount was saved. I booked it in the month of February.

We had to obtain an ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization) through their website prior to travel. The process was very simple. Just enter the passport details and pay the amount through credit card. ETA will be sent within 24 hours to the registered email address. The cost was 20 USD for SAARC countries and it was free for children. In our case, we received ETA within minutes.

As per the requirements, one need to show return ticket and proof of funds for stay at immigration in Sri Lanka. But we were not asked any question!! It is also not necessary to carry ETA as it is already in their system. But it is better to have either soft/hard copy as we were asked by Indian immigration to show return ticket and ETA!!

Though not very convenient, Sri Lanka has good public transport comprising of buses and trains. But since I was traveling with family and with luggages and considering the short time we had in the country, we chose to hire taxi. A month before the trip, I sent mails to few of the leading taxi companies like Malkey, Casons and others. I did get response from all of them but few did not had cars at that time and quotes by others was very high. Additional journey (> 80/100 km), additional hours (>8 hours) costed extra on top of basic charge per day. Apart from that driver’s food and accommodation was also extra. There was also tax component on top of everything. It was turning out to be very expensive.

Chaya’s friend had gone to Sri Lanka before and had hired driver directly there. They had good feedback about him and shared his number. I contacted him on WhatsApp and shared the itinerary. His quote for 8 days based on my itinerary was significantly less than other well known agencies. The car offered was also superior ( Nissan tiida - Sedan with A/C and airbags). It was indeed a good deal. 

Our car in Sri Lanka

But there was a problem. He wanted us to transfer some advance to his account. It was the first time I was trying international bank account transfer. I am now used to something called as “click of a button” but realized that was not possible. Visit to branch was necessary and I asked Chaya to do that as she was working in MG Road where many banks were located. She came back with 5 different forms that needed to be filled for transfer!! It was really complex. I hated it. Chaya took control of the situation and called up the person and convinced him not to take advance amount. In order to build confidence, I also sent him the ticket copy.

The driver was promptly waiting for us at the airport when we came out at 4 in the morning. He was really good and was not very rigid about the plan and was open to changes.

Monitor lizard crossing - a common sight in Sri Lanka
Sri Lankan currency is called as Sri Lankan Rupee. 1 INR = 2.4 SLR. Currency could be exchanged at airport or at various banks or private shops. Indian currency is also accepted for exchange. Credit cards are accepted at few places but still cash is king in many parts of Sri Lanka. In Addition to currency exchange, I also used ATM’s to withdraw cash. That looked more convenient.

“Foreigners” charge
Most of the tourist locations in Sri Lanka have different rates for foreigners, though at some places there is some discount for tourists from SAARC countries. The price difference between locals and foreigners could be anywhere between 10X to 50X. That makes many attractions in Sri Lanka super expensive for Indians. So much so that it leads to frustration at many places. I cannot comment a lot about this as India as does the same to its foreign guests.

But I did not experience any ill-treatment towards Indians anywhere in Sri Lanka. 

Though we are strict vegetarians, we did not find any problem with the food. Veg options were always available. At some places like Kandy, Nuwara Eliya and Galle, we even managed to find South Indian restaurants. Cost also varied between restaurants but in general, it was reasonable. 

At all places, I booked home stays using AirBnb or It turned out to be very cost effective when compared with standard hotels or resorts. All places were decent and hosts were very hospitable. Though I did booking in the month of June, I feel that there is no need to book so early. When checked, rooms were available even on the last day for decent prices. It looks like Sri Lanka had lot of accommodation options.

Sinhalese is the official language of Sri Lanka. The accent is very similar to Malayalam!! We could manage with English without any issue. Tamil is also understood by few people, especially Tamil people settled in Sri Lanka.  


I purchased Mobitel pre paid SIM at the airport. It served the need for local calls and data. The speed was generally good. Hotels also offered Wi-Fi but the connection was spotty. There are other providers like Dialog and Airtel.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Recap of year 2017

In general, the year went well with respect to travel. In fact, my writing speed could not match with the travel. Some places that I travelled did not appear in my blog. Basically, the travel can be split into following categories.
  • Abroad trips
  • Birding trips
  • Western ghats
  • Temples, hills and forts

Abroad trips
The focus suddenly shifted from India to abroad. The reason being that I had covered most of the Indian states (except few North Eastern states) I wished. This resulted in seeing five new countries this year.

Official trip for Mobile World Congress brought me to the city of Barcelona in Spain during February end. A trivial matter but I had a nice conversation with a Pakistani driver while he was dropping me to airport. Quite surprised to hear some nice words about India which I do not hear in India!!

Watching football match of FC Barcelona was unforgettable experience.

At Barcelona stadium
New Zealand
My biggest trip so far went extremely well. With complete family, it was a trip to remember for a long time. Though I had driven rental cars earlier in US and Europe, it was first time I was trying out with family. It was also the first time we tried to self cook and eat while traveling. Both went very well and hopefully I will be able to plan bigger ones in the coming year!! Amount of planning that went for this trip was enormous but it was fully worth the effort. What a beautiful country!!

Milford Sound
Immediately after coming back from New Zealand, I had to take the flight to Netherlands for an official trip!! I just had time to take some sleep and repack before flying.

Czech Republic
During an official trip to Netherlands in April, I managed to squeeze a weekend trip to Prague. A beautiful city in Central Europe, I could not put a lot about it in my blog.

Prague castle

It was hard to resist sitting idle during Dasara holidays and I planned a trip to Mauritius with my family. Another great trip with self drive. I put a lot about that trip in my blog but still missed few of them!!


Sri Lanka
A customary year end family trip took us to the neighboring Sri Lanka. It was a combination of religion, culture, hills and beaches. Yet to write the experience but expect it to cover most of my posts in the beginning of next year. This trip was preceded with an official visit to Netherlands and again I had less than a day to pick up the flight to Sri Lanka.

A view in Sri Lanka

Also, I went to Netherlands in April, July and December for office work. I managed to visit some places like Texel, Zaanse Schans and Muiderslot. Another Official travel was to Boston in Unites states. 


Birding trips
The month of Jan and Feb was busy with birding trips to Valley school, Tal Chhappar and Jorbeer in Rajasthan and Thattekad in Kerala. This was with my friend Sankara. Later as official travel and other trips took priority, birding took a back seat.

Western ghats and coastal 
Submerged bridge
A trip to submerged bridge during summer with Subbu and Girish completed long pending action we had.

Submerged bridge

Visited a few waterfalls in Western ghat region (about 6 in number) of Karnataka.

MM falls
Kas Plateau
In September, Sankara and I visited Das plateau for flowers. Also combined several waterfalls and forts during this trip. Unfortunately, I could not write anything about this trip in my blog.

In December, it was an amazing experience with Subbu and Girish to see Kambala.


Temples, hills and forts
Hoysala temples
During Ganesha Chaturthi, we visited few Hoysala temples of Arakere and Tandaga while driving to my native place.

Tandaga temple

Fort and hills near Bengaluru
With Wido, I trekked to the fort hill of Madakasira in January and Ratnagiri in October. With Subbu and Krishna, I visited Handi Gundi near Ramanagara. A visit to Avani in September within Sankara. 

Ratnagiri fort
In the month of August, I managed to cover to cover the Someshwara temple and Tipu Sultan Summer palace in Bengaluru!!

Summer Palace

Flop shows
  • Due to my bad health, I had to cancel the Himalayan trek in the last minute. Since it was canceled for second consecutive year, I must say that it frustrated me a lot. 
  • While trekking to a waterfall in Uttara Kannada, I and my cousin got down into a very steep and slippery valley. The waterfall was “almost” in sight but we could not climb down the final 20 feet of slope. We could have somehow gone down but we were sure that we will not be able to climb up!! With heavy heart, we aborted our trek and climbed back the valley!!

Friday, December 22, 2017

Muiderslot, Netherlands

The newly introduced Jet Airways direct flight from Bengaluru to Amsterdam is very convenient. The hassle of transiting in Middle East or European city is gone with this direct flight. Also, I reach Amsterdam in the morning which gives me some time to explore the place. During my recent official travel to Netherlands, I had some time on Sunday morning after landing in Amsterdam. I did a quick search and found the castle of Muiden interesting. 

The travel from our hotel required transport via metro train and change bus twice before we reached the Muiden village, though it was just 15 km from Amsterdam. The last km involved walking through the nice streets of the village. The weather was cold (in single degrees) but pleasant.

Muiden village
The castle built about 700 years ago looked beautiful with a large moat surrounding it and some nice gardens. We paid entrance ticket of 13.5 euros that also included 30 minute guided tour.

A rabbit on the way
The guided tour basically concentrated at one part of the castle consisting of five rooms. It provides a glimpse of the the saturation in 17th century. Some interesting pieces were the superstition that caused people to sleep in sitting position as the blood could rush into the brain in sleeping position!! Some nice pairings adorned the rooms of the castle.

Paintings inside the castle
The guided tour was mainly in dutch but considering the presence of non dutch visitors, the guide also provided English explanation. We were also handed out an english booklet that contained information about the rooms.

After the guided tour we spent some time roaming around the castle. As it became very cold, we went inside the small restaurant in the castle to have some hot tea. That helped us to get warm again to walk back to the bus stop.

It was a short and a nice visit in Netherlands!!