Monday, September 04, 2006

Kukke Subramanya and Dharmasthala

2nd-3rd September 2006

I had visited Kukke Subramanya several times. It formed the “base camp” for Kumara Parvatha and railway track treks. But this time I went as a pilgrim with my family. Since Dharmasthala was nearby, it was also added to the itinerary.

The journey till Shakleshpur was great, but the troubles started after that. The Shiradi ghat road was at its worst condition. A nightmare for the man behind the steering. And adding salt to the injury are the monster trucks on the road.

The next two hours drive was very tiring and was cursing myself for taking this “National highway”. The more scenic “Bisle” could have been a better choice.

At Gundya, took the deviation to Kukke Subramaya. Even after several celebrity visits (latest being our Tendulkar), this road is in worst condition. The 22 kms took me 45 minutes. Finally, reached Kukke at 12:45PM. We got decent rooms at Ashlesha for very nominal price.

The Kumaradhara river at Kukke Subramanya.

The Subramaya temple under the foothills of mighty Kumara Parvatha (covered under clouds).
The Adi Subramaya temple.
Next day, we went to Dharmasthala. We had to stand in the queue for 1 hour for the darsan. I was impressed by the cleanliness of the place and the arrangements for the visitors.
We decided to take the Charmadi ghat route for the return journey. The distance was more but we could avoid the hopeless stretch of Shiradi ghat road.

The view of Arbi Bandaje falls(a small white line) at the beginning of the ghat. This was the place where I did my first trek during my college days.

The Charmadi ghat road. Monsoons are just over and green everywhere.
A waterfalls on the way.
Charmadi ghat view.

Route: Bangalore-> Hassan-> Sakleshpur-> Gundya-> Kukke Subramaya-> Dharmasthala-> Mudigere-> Belur-> Hassan-> Bangalore

Distance: Bangalore - Hassan : 180kms

Hassan - Sakleshpur: 40kms

Sakleshpur - Gundya: 40kms

Gundya - Kukke Subramanya: 22 kms

Kukke Subramaya - Dharmasthala: 60kms

Dharmasthala - Mudigere: 68kms

Mudigere - Belur: 37kms

Belur - Hassan: 40kms


Avinash said...

tell me about the Shiradi ghat. eegeega kelav baari raathri horTa busgaLu oorige muTTtha madhyaanna 1 gante aagirathhe..

sandeep said...

hi there!
it was a pleasure to see those charmadi ghat snaps...really liked them very fact my native is just 15 kms from that waterfalls i.e. somantadka, mundaje.. can i post some more snaps which i have?
more soon

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Sunil said...

Hi thanks for your info. would have justified if we had more details.

Narayanan Palani said...

Very useful information. You can mention the travel plan also like if someone travels from bangalore-how they can plan to visit all these places in two days...

Sureshmegastar said...

Thanx for giving information...

preeti garg said...

Thank you so much for this sharing..
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Nishitha KM said...

hi..thanks for sharing..this week end i am planning a trip to br hills resort and also near by place k gudi resort...