Taipei, Taiwan

10th-23rd September 2006
This was my first visit to Taiwan. I had one weekend to visit some of the places in Taipei, its capital city. The photos may not be very clear because of cloudy climate. The rains in Taiwan make be remember the rains in our western ghats.
Taipei 101:
This is the tallest building currently in the world. It has 101 floors and is 508 mts height. Also, it has the fastest elevator which takes just 35 seconds to reach from bottom to top.

Photo taken from the observatory at 89th floor.

Chaing Kai Shek memorial hall:

This is in memory of Chaing Kai Shek, the founder of modern Taiwan. This beautiful monument is at the center of the city.

The theatre at the hall.
Shilin night market:

Taipei is famous for night markets, Shilin is one of the busiest places in night.

Taipei Zoo:

Taipei has a big zoo and it houses a lot of animals/birds/reptiles from different parts of the world. The animals seem to be well maintained compared to our Mysore zoo.

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