21 October 2006

Haigunda is an island in the middle of Sharavathi River, 20 kms from Honnavar. Myself and my wife Chaya visited this place during Deepavali holidays. This is the place where Chaya's ancestors stayed.
The view of Sharavathi valley from Gersoppa ghat. The Sharavathi tail rise project has submerged the dense evergreen forests in the valley.
A waterfall near Gersoppa. Since my destination was different, I had to restrain my urge to trek to the base of the falls.
The Sharavathi river that we need to cross at Haigunda.
The boat looked scary and we had to do a lot of balancing act so that we would not fall into the river.
One can see a lot of stone statues in Haigunda. Historically, it was ruled by Kakeyas and Pallavas. Prominent statue is “Yakshi”, locally called as Bagari. I was surprised by the absence of any roads in this place. Everything has to be carried on foot.
The Durgamba temple at Haigunda.
View of Haigunda.
There is also a dilapidated British bungalow on a hillock. The bungalow is in ruins but the view from that place is spectacular.

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