Windows of the World, Shenzhen, China

16th December 2006

Windows of the World is a theme park with miniature size replicas of several building from all over the World from Ankur Wat of Combodia to Niagara falls. Well, there are several Indian building as well, like the Sanchi Stupa and many Indian temples.

At the entrance was our National Emblem.

I liked the Anukur Wat Temple of Combodia.

The Eiffel tower of Paris.

Shenzhen skyline from the middle of the tower.

About Shenzhen:

Shenzhen is the sourthern city of Guangdong province in China. It is just next to Hongkong. Being first time to China, i was amazed at the infrastructure at Shenzhen. On par (or above) with any other city in the west. Wide roads, Expressways, gardens, Metro everything. The countyside is still backward, but looking at the pace of development, i am sure it is just a matter of few years to change.

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