17 June 2007
I had gone to Ranganathittu many times, mostly with relatives for showing that place. My interest at that time was to see the crocodiles that are plenty in that area. Birds were not of interest to me in those days.

I started to appreciate the world of birds only recently. That was after I read the novels “Kannada nadina hakkigalu” and “Parisarada Kathe” by Poornachandra Tejashwi. With my new digital SLR, I tried to shoot some birds during Valparai trip. That was a complete flop. One of the reason was my telephoto lens was good for wildlife but for birds, it was insufficient. Also, it requires a lot of patience to shoot the birds, which I lack.

I found that the easiest way to shoot birds was to go to a bird sanctuary and Ranganathittu was the nearest one.

My wife and myself went to Ranganathittu last Sunday. It is less than two hours drive from my place in Bengaluru. There was lot of birds. I could capture a flying painted stork.
Another oneIn pair
A white egret

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