Chandemane and Channekkal falls

12th August 2007
I was oblivious of these falls even though they were near to my native place. Rajesh Naik had mentioned about these falls in his blog. Last week, when I was in my native place, decided to visit these falls.

I and my uncle started on a Sunday afternoon towards Bhatkal. The route was through the towns of Kargal, Aralgod and Kogar. On the way, near Aralgod, in the backwaters of Linganamakki dam, we saw a couple of people on a coracle carrying twigs and leaves. It looked scary and also the risk they take for their livelihood.
The ghat road begins after Kogar. The first falls is about 39 kms from Kargal (11 kms from the town of Nagavalli). The falls is about 100 ft in height. With a little effort one could go till the middle of the falls. A local villager told that the falls was called as Chandemane falls. He also mentioned that there is a route to the top of the falls from the other side of the hill. We did not explore the route.
The second falls is 2 km from the first one just after the Channekkal bus stop (if you are coming from Kargal). The falls bears the name of the village Channekkal. The falls was in full flow and the volume of water was more compared to Chandemane falls. This falls is also 100 ft in height but 2/3rd of the falls is not visible due to the forest cover.
The best time to visit these falls is during the monsoon months. Other places of worth a visit on Kargal – Nagavalli route are Bheemeshwara, Dabbe falls, Kanoor Kote and Muppane nature camp.

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