A morning in Lalbagh

30th March 2008
I had decided to put an halt to my outings for few weeks and spend time at home. It had been too many treks this quarter and things cannot be same for long. Well, I got a call from Krishna on Saturday. I told him that I was not game for any trips, but he told that it was an early morning photography at Lalbagh. I could not resist that and I was at Lalbagh at 6:15AM on next morning. Krishna and Srinivas had already reached by that time and were waiting for me.
The crowd was much more than we expected and most of them had come for jogging. It was fun to watch people performing variety of exercises.

It was first time that I was seeing the rising sun in Bengaluru!! and I took few snaps of it.
There were many moorehen at the pond.
The ducks were competing with the fishes for the food items thrown by people.
We then diverted our attention towards Plumeria trees. The variety of flowers were captured by our cameras.
A honey bee was busy at a Nagapuspa flower.

It was then time for some food. The obvious choice was MTR. We had to wait for 45 minutes but the food was worth for that wait. We had one more visit to Lalbagh. I had to return back as I has some work at home while Krishna and Srinivas continued with their photography.

More photos of Lalbagh can be viewed here.