Aghoreshwara Temple, Ikkeri

3rd October 2008

Ikkeri is a village situated 3 kms from Sagar in Shimoga district. The importance of Ikkeri is Aghoreshwara (Shiva) Temple in the centre of the village. It was built by Keladi Nayakas. Incidentally, Ikkeri was the capital of Keladi Nayakas for few years.

The Temple architecture is influenced by both Hoysala and Vijayanagar style.

Ikkeri was made as the capital by Sadashiva Nayaka during mid Sixteenth century. After nearly some 100 years, Bijapur Sultans plundered Ikkeri. The palaces where Kings used to stay are all gone now. Only remaining structure of old times is Aghoreshwara Temple, which is maintained well.

How to reach Ikkeri:
From Sagar BH road bus stop, take the road towards Holebagilu. After 2 kms, there is a diversion to Ikkeri towards right. One more km on that road will directly lead to Temple.

More photos of Ikkeri can be seen here.

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