23rd November 2008

Krishna was asking me for a long time to go on a trip to some place near Bengaluru. The destination we decided was Devarayanadurga, near Tumkur. The motive of the trip was to get take some good snaps, if possible.

Devarayanadurga is on the range of hills near Tumkur. It is famous for Yoganarasimha and Boganarasimha Temple. So, majority of visitors here come for religious purpose, few youngsters come for fun and very few for photography and environmental purposes.

Having started early from my Home, we had breakfast at Kamath Upachar on Tumkur road. At Kyatsandra in Tumkur, we took the deviation towards Siddaganaga Math. It seemed to be quite a busy day at the math. It was then through some villages and shortly we were driving through the forests. On the way was Namada Chilume which we decided to visit while returning back.

We stopped at a view point on the way to take few snaps. The views were promising. There was greenery everywhere. With high hopes we continued further and within few minutes we were at Devarayanadurga. We avoided entering to the town and took the road going up the hill. It was a series of hairpin bends leading up to the top.

On top was the Temple. We were not much religious that day and we skipped it. We then did not know what to do. With nothing else to do, we just roamed here and there taking snaps everywhere. We were expecting lot of birds but were disappointed when we found not many of them.

Slowly the number of visitors increased and the silence was marred by the sound of the vehicles. We decided to return back.

We visited Namada Chilume on the way back. There is a natural spring here. But here again we were not much happy. It looked more like a “couple” spot. We walked aimlessly in the plantation maintained by forest department. There is also a deer park here.

It was Kamath Upachar for Lunch. Earlier it was pain to travel from Nelamangala to Bengaluru city. NICE road has resolved much of the problem with its peripheral road connecting to Mysore road. It was a stretch fun to drive where my car touched 150km/hr.

Though it was not a great trip, but it was definitely better than roaming in Bengaluru.

More photos of this trip can be seen here.

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