Hulikere Kalyani

15th November 2008

Sun had already set when we reached Hulikere. Since it would not take much time to see the place, we decided to make a quick visit before it is completely dark. The tar road naturally turned into a narrow mud road as we entered the village. When we stopped and asked a Woman about the Kalyani she replied that there was no Kalyani in the village. I was struggling to explain what a Kalyani is; a person came and told her that I was talking about the pond!! It is just next to the road. I had thought that the Kalyani is in an open ground but it was surrounded by houses.

It is a small Kalyani and more than 3/4th of the Kalyani was filled with water. Like in any other Kalyani, the water here was dirty. We can have a full view of Kalyani during summer. One striking point about this Kalyani is 12 sanctuaries with pinnacles.

How to reach Hulikere?
Hulikere is 5 kms from Halebidu on Halebidu – Hagare road. Hagare is on Hassan – Belur road. There is a signboard mentioning about the Kalyani which can be easily missed. Take a left here and after a km is the Kalyani.

More photos of Hulikere Kalyani can be found here.

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