27 December 2008

Avalanche is a place 26 km from Ooty famous for the dam by the same name and tribal settlements. It was not in our Ooty trip itinerary but strange circumstances on that day made us to visit that place!!

The drive to Avalanche is full of curves passing through several hills and villages. I had driven on this road 3 years ago. The road was hopeless at that time. But the condition of the road has improved a lot now.

Sankara who was ahead of me was driving in full josh and I was promptly following him. The curves were too much for my daughter and she puked whatever she had for breakfast!! It took quite some effort to clean the car and I was then careful while pressing on the gas!!!!

18 km from Ooty is Emerald village. Here there is a deviation to Emerald dam and Red hills. The road towards Avalanche after Emerald passes through the forest area. The back waters of Avalanche dam can be viewed at many places on this stretch.

Some places to see in Avalanche:

Trout fishery:
There is a 100 year old fisheries department here famous for cultivating trout fishes. The staff would show the entire process of cultivating the fishes from egg to the adulthood. Situated amidst dense forest, it is a nice place to understand about trout fishes.

This is a 30 km tunnel connecting Avalanche with Upper Bhavani dam. It is just the opening of the tunnel that we can see.

Avalanche Dam and powerhouse:
Not open to general public though people are free to go to the backwaters of the dam.

Avalanche forms as one of the entrance for Mukurthi National forest. But again, without the permission from forest department, entry inside the forest is denied. One can only go till the forest check post.

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