Banneraghatta National Park

28 March 2009

The month of March was very hectic for me. While I was looking some way to relax, Krishna suggested a trip to Banneraghatta and I promptly agreed.

I was at the gate of the park at 6:30AM. Krishna and Girish arrived few minutes later. Since the park would open only at 9AM, we had ample time. With no people around to disturb us, we started roaming around. We could spot and shoot few birds with our cameras.

There were few statues of dinosaur and we clicked even that!!

We spent couple of hours peacefully taking snaps. At 9AM we got ready for tiger safari. Though I hate the idea of caging animals, this is the only way I can see the tigers easily!! So, I go for such safaris.

The park has around 35 tigers.

Few of them are white tigers.

Asiatic lion.

There is also a butterfly park and a small zoo. I decided to give it a miss as I had some important work waiting at Home.

It is better to reach early when the park opens and enjoy!! By afternoon, the place is filled with crowd that gives a “market” feeling.

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