17th April 2009

Honnemaradu is a tiny village on the Sharavathi backwaters. It is famous for the water activities conducted by an adventurous organization.

This time when I visited my native place, my younger cousins continuously asked me to take them to Honnemaradu. I had to oblige to their persistent requests!! My earlier visit to Honnemaradu was 12 years ago, that time I cycled to that place with my friends. It is just 8 km from my native place.

Not much change has taken place during last 12 years, but the condition of the road to Honnemaradu has been improved a lot.

One good thing about Honnemaradu is that a short coracle ride is offered for free but the bad part is that the life jackets are not provided!! One needs to register for a two day program at their Bengaluru Office to avail full facilities.

I must say that my cousins enjoyed the coracle ride!! My daughter was happy playing on the shore!!!!

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