Kundadri hill

21st June 2009

This was the place that we managed to fit into our Agumbe waterfalls plan. 17 km from Agumbe is this mammoth monolith. A few years ago, the journey to this peak could only be accomplished by walk. But now a road is built which takes directly to top of the hill.

We were in a Maruthi Omni and last five km was tiring for the vehicle. The road was too steep and most of the journey had to be done on first gear. There were few autos running on the road but I did not see any of them on the top!!

There is a Jain Basadi on top of the mountain. A small pool adjacent to the Basadi forms a breeding ground for some fishes. The fishes are huge and similar to the ones we find in Sringeri.

The best part of Kundadri hills is the views from the top. It provides a 270 degree view of the surrounding areas. Our guide mentioned that it was a good spot to see sunrise and sunset. Since it the time of monsoon, we could not expect any of it. I am planning to come again during post monsoon to experience the sunset.

A place that should not to be missed if one visits Agumbe or Thirthahalli.

While coming back from Kundadri hill, we spotted a green snake. The best part was that it allowed taking some photographs.

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