Lakshminarayana Temple, Hosaholalu

9th August 2009

This is one Hoysala Temple near KR Pet that is known to many people. Hosaholalu is just 2 km from KR Pet town.

This Temple was built during the period of the Hoysala ruler Vira Someshwara in 1250 AD. Being a trikuta Temple, it has three shrines but only one tower. Like many other Hoysala Temples, this is also built on a platform and closely resembles the style of Halebid Temple.

The front part was constructed later which has given an ugly feel to the Temple. It looks like an attachment to the original Temple.

Inspite of being surrounded by houses, this Temple is nicely maintained. But I could not find any guides to explain me in detail about the Temple. Few locals were not fully knowledgeable about the Temple while the priest was indifferent towards the visitors. Being an active Temple (Poojas are performed) also attracts number of people from nearby towns and villages.

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