Black sand beach

1st October 2009

We were searching for a beach with black sand but were standing on a normal beach. When asked a local guy about it, he showed the mountains adjoining the sea and asked to cross them.

After walking for few minutes, we reached the base of the mountains. The next task was to find the route through the mountains that would take us to the other side. In that isolated area, there was only one lady standing a furlong away. We rushed towards her hoping to get some help. Our brisk walk might scare her, we thought. But she started coming towards us. Now, we were scared!!

The language barrier made the communication between the lady and us difficult. The fact that we knew the local name for “black sand” helped us!! She showed us the path that would lead to the black beach.

After some struggling through the bushes for 15-20 minutes, we reached black sand beach. Not a long beach by any standards, it is a tiny piece of open space between two mountains.

Both sides of the beach are covered by huge black rocks. Though the sand was black, it was different from the usual sand we find on other beaches. It might have been caused by the black rocks nearby, but since we are no experts the reasoning may be wrong.

The beer bottles and plastics indicated that the beach might be popular among locals. Also, in monsoon most of the beaches have a filthy look.

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