Underwater World. Singapore

10th April 2010

Underwater world is situated in the Sentosa island of Singapore. It has a huge collection of marine life from all around the world. It does gives and experience of being “under the sea”.
The most amazing experience was that the visitors are allowed to “touch” some of the species like Stingray!! It was a nice feeling to touch those smooth and silky creatures.

The coral reefs at underwater world.

Cuttlefish. It is a fish that advertizes wide range of colors.

Giant Pacific Octopus, weighing about 71kg is one of largest species in Octopus family. It is present mainly in the Northern part of Pacific Ocean.

The Japanese giant spider crab was simply too huge and I was stunned to see that strange creature!!

There are several colorful fishes that I only used to see in TV.

Sea Anemones are the animals that lack backbones!!

Jelly fish… the photo can be mistaken for modern art!!

A dolphin show is held at underwater world.
It is amazing to see the stunts performed by them!!
The fact that they do these acts in a synchronous manner is surprising.

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