Jurong Bird Park, Singapore

11th April 2010

This is a place not to be missed by any bird lover visiting Singapore. I may have reservations keeping the animals (or birds) in cage but this is one place where people can see various species of birds all around the world.

It is the largest bird park in the world in terms of number of birds. The birds here have completely lost fear about human beings and roam freely. I was wondering how come the birds just don’t “fly away” from the park only to see a “net” somewhere high in the sky. Both visitors and birds are in a “bigger cage”!!

At many places, the management has tried to keep the bird’s natural atmosphere. The African wetland area looks like a thick forest with one 30mt waterfall while in tropical zone the thunderstorms are simulated.

I was simply amazed by the amount of birds I saw. The birds were very colorful and in different shapes.

Before visitng the park, I had thought that I would spend couple of hours in Bird Park but ended up in enjoying the birds for almost a day!! My chances of either going to South American or African forests are very less and to see these birds even more remote!!

There is nothing special about my “photographic skills” here. I just clicked them!! The birds come very near and one need not be an expert in taking photos.

Still, I must say that I might have taken only 10% of the birds present in the park.

The bird park hosts a number of shows where birds perform various acts.

This is one place that must not be missed in Singapore!!

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