NH-13 between Chitradurga and Hospet

23 October 2010

This is a “new kind” of post dedicated to bring out the bad conditions of the road that I travelled during my recent travels. The idea is definitely not to bring this to the notice of the concerned authorities as it is useless to expect those incompetent guys to do anything better. The intension is to inform the readers about the bad roads so as to “prepare” for it whenever they travel on these roads. And please comment if there is any improvement in road conditions in future!!

This particular post is about the condition on National Highway 13 between Chitradurga and Hospet. This is the road that is widely used by people travelling to Hampi and other North Karnataka areas. The total distance is about 120km.

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It is not that the entire stretch of road is bad. The first 50km from Chitradurga is ok with few pot holes to look into. But a National Highway is expected to be a good road with no potholes and speed breakers. The bad part is that this road is extensively used by huge trucks. While National Permit lorry drivers do a decent driving, the mining trucks create havoc. Like their masters, the drivers do not care for general public.

The only major town is Kudligi and good part is that it is by-passed. But then the road turns into completely horrible state. The only people that are not affected by bad roads are KSRTC and mine truck drivers. They just overtake and vanish!!

As you are about to enter Hospet, you get nice views of Tunga Bhadra dam on the left side of the road. But here is the biggest bottleneck. The road climbs a small hill through couple of hairpin bends and then goes down the other side of the hill. On top of the hill is a railway crossing!! This place witness’s massive traffic jam whenever the railway gates are closed with trucks lined up for km on both sides. And railway gate closes 15-20 minutes before the arrival of the train. You can imagine what can happen if traffic is stooped for 20 minutes on a busy highway.

It takes hours to clear the traffic jam. I have travelled on this road four times and struck in the traffic mess for thrice.

A sensible thing was to dig a tunnel through the hill. It is not a rocket science. I think “chopping” the hill would be easier as there are many expects (miners!!) in this district.

There are no good restaurants all along the road between Chitradurga and Hospet. Considering the bad roads and traffic snarls, it is always good to plan for food items.

An alternate way is to go to Bellary and then take a road towards Ananthapur or Hiriyur. But Hospet to Bellary has one of the worst roads filled with mining trucks. All the best!!