Balligavi Temples

12 September 2010

I usually take my younger cousins to some waterfalls whenever I visit my native place. The destination that I choose last time was different. Instead of a waterfall, it was to the Temples of Balligavi built in Western Chalukya architecture. None of my cousins complained!!

Balligavi is in the Shikaripur taluk of Shimoga district just 4 km from the town of Shiralakoppa. The route we followed was Sagar->Ulavi->Shiralakoppa->Balligavi.

One cannot miss Kedareshwara Temple which is just at the entrance of the village. Situated opposite to a huge lake, it is simply a masterpiece.

The trikuta (triple towers) Temple is the combination of Western Chalukyas and Hoysala architecture.

The Temple complex has a small museum with lot of inscriptions.

Another important Temple that we visited was Tripurantahkeshwara Temple built during 11th century by Western Chalukyas. This Temple is in ruins and needs maintenance.

One of the important distinctions of this Temple is the stone artwork on the windows.The erotic sculptures which are a rarity in Western Chalukya style is also seen here.

There are lots of sculptures spread all over the village of Balligavi.

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