Friday, November 26, 2010

In the land of Elephants

20-21st November 2010

This is the closest encounter I had with Elephants in my trekking life. We were just within the "striking" distance from a tusker. While Elephants had options, we had none!!

 Girish has written a nice article on this. Just check this link.


Lily Riani said...

i love trekking if there's no climbing. ehhehe.... india sooo big and have nice nature walk area. lucky you.

Santosh said...

Hi Aravind,

Nice encounter there.. lucky people to escape!!
Can you share more info on the place?

Aravind GJ said...


The place is on the fringes of Bandipur forest. It is about 20km from Bandipur Forest Office.

For more information, you can check with Girish. (Mentioned in the link)