AM waterfalls

The information we had indicated that the falls was just 2km from the main road. Following the directions from the locals, we set out on the village road. The winding road led us down into a valley. We did not have to wait long for the first glimpse of the falls. Our reaction was just “wow”. Majestically, it was falling from the hill opposite to us. There is very little mention about his falls in internet and we were expecting a small cascade. And all of us were pleasantly surprised to see a big falls!!

The falls disappeared from our view as we got down the valley. We were amidst paddy fields. Wondering how to proceed near the falls, enquired few villagers. They were bit were surprised when we asked for the directions for the falls!! “There is no falls here!!” was their reaction. And we had seen one just a moment ago. Surprise!!

But anyway, we got the directions from other people and our car was moving up the valley again. We parked the vehicle and started walking. Passed through a dilapidated building to hit a stream. Within few minutes, we were at the top of the falls. Our efforts of getting down the falls were futile as the rocks were slippery.

A small Temple next drew our attention. It was a very old Temple and surroundings looked bit scary!! We also found a path to get to the base of the falls. As we were moving down, Sankara who was at the front spotted a snake. That was not good news as we were all scared of snakes. It was dark inside and was not safe. Added to that, I had seen a snake skin near the Temple and in fact snake idols were worshipped there.

The top of the falls provided the panoramic view of the valley. We also found out that a path from the road we came leads to the base of the falls. We followed it to get the front view of the falls.

The place offered us much more than expected. In spite of being in the middle of civilization and also its close proximity to a nearby town, the falls still remains unknown to the larger world. The cleanliness of the place also explains the same!!

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