Mallalli falls

The first time I heard about this falls was during my trek to Kumara Parvatha six years ago. Since reaching our destination on top of that mountain was on our mind, we gave a miss to this falls. The place seemed so remote at that time.

I missed the falls again when I trekked to Kumara Parvatha for the second time on the same route. It was summer and the falls would not hold any water at that time. Lot of changes had already taken place in the area!!

Years passed by. Lot of blogs mentioning about this falls started popping up indicating the popularity of the place. My several attempts to see this falls could not succeed.

Finally, I was able to visit the falls this year. I had only a day to spare and hence planned a day trip to this place. With my friends Sankara, Yasin and Manu went for a visit to this place.

The falls is easy to locate thanks to a board on the main road. A home stay is just next to the road. We requested them to prepare lunch and proceeded further. From the home stay, a small road leads to the falls. One km from the main road is a small “check post” where villagers collect money from the people who visit the falls. The asphalted road turns into a Jeep track and after couple of km is the parking place for the vehicles.

It is just 5 minute walk from the walking place to the falls. The first view of the falls is simply exciting. It is very rare that we see a falls from a very high point. It is in a deep valley at the backdrop of mighty Kumara Parvatha. From a huge rock, the complete view of the valley and falls can be seen.

Nice steps are constructed to the base of the falls. Nonstop walk for 10 minutes lead us to the base of the falls. Being a weekend, I was expecting a big crowd but surprisingly there was not a soul at the bottom. The entire place was for us!!

It looked extremely simple task to get into water but reality was different. The water was quite deep and with some struggle we found a spot to get into water. After a very long time, I had a nice bath in the falls.

I also “felt” the power of a swirl when I accidently put my leg into it. What a force it was!! Nothing untoward incident happened as I was holding a rock.

We had a nice lunch back at the home stay and said good bye to the smiling hosts.

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