Mandharagiri (Basadi Betta)

10th October 2010

This is a small hillock with a Jain Temple on Bengaluru-Tumkur road. It can be easily spotted from the highway if one is watchful. The name “Mandharagiri” is written on the hill!! But this place is more popularly known as Basadi Betta among locals.

It was surprising to see that the place of void of any visitors when we reached the base of the hill. It is good in way as we were left to ourselves!!

The steps are constructed all the way to the top. It is a simple climb that takes maximum of 30 minutes. My daughter was so happy with the surroundings that she climbed herself. The cloudy day also helped us.

A Jain Temple on the top is the attraction here. From the other side of the Temple, Maidala Lake and lot of hills are visible.

Recently, a statue of Theerthankara was installed at the base of the hill.

It is a nice spot to spend half a day from the maddening crowd of Bengaluru.

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