NH 212: Mysore – Nanjanagud

20th November 2010

This is one of the “deadliest” roads in Karnataka. The stretch of 26km is one of the busiest roads in the state. And sadly, a badly maintained one.

I have been seeing this road for the past 14 years. The traffic has increased by several folds but the road has never been upgraded. The airport and many industries have all helped to increase the stress on the road. This is the road that needs to be widened to four lanes.

This is the road that connects popular tourist spots like Ooty, Wayanad and Bandipur.

In last couple of years, there have been several accidents on this road. The most recent disasto was in last week when a mini bus fell into a lake (link here) drowning 31 people on board.

It took me about 45 minutes to cover this stretch during my last travel. A series of speed brakers welcomed as when we entered Nanjanagud. The state officials are always very prompt in putting up road humps everywhere!!

Karnataka never boasted of good roads. But the situation these days is extremely bad. The state of the roads gives an indication to the “quality” of people ruling people.

Be careful on this roadl!!