Chorala waterfall

20th February 2011

This was one of the easiest treks I did to reach a waterfall. Accompanied by a British couple who had the stamina to walk long distances, the walk was simple. The day was hot but canopy of trees provided the much needed shade. Our guide was a lady and she seemed to have good knowledge about the area and its forests.

The trek of about 45 minutes was eventful. A huge bison skull was lying on the ground confirming the presence of carnivores in the area. The guide also showed us a funnel web spider which was new to me. A flock of Malabar pied hornbills flew from a tree near us. I was simply amazed at looking at them and it did not occur to me to take a photograph.

The last 10 minutes of trek was on the stream. We had to climb up the huge boulders to move ahead. I was expecting a small falls but this one was huge. The quantity of water was less but that was expected in dry season. A nice pool with crystal clear water was inviting us to take a dip. The place looked like a huge fortress. It was surprising and refreshing to see that the place is completely void of plastic, the beer bottles and gukta covers which have become the bane for all the nice areas visited by Homo sapiens.

The falls must be about 80-100ft in height and is entirely in Karnataka. The guide also mentioned that it was a difficult task to reach waterfall from the villages situated on the upper side. The easiest way is to use the path that we came but one has to cross a private property in between and permissions are not given to “time pass” people. I feel that these two reasons have made this falls retain its natural glory.

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