Notre Dame Cathedral and Seine River cruise

14th May 2011

A cathedral on Gothic architecture. Its construction started during 1163 and was fully completed only in 1345!! This cathedral was subjected to several vandalisms due to the disturbances in France and has been restored each time.

What attracted us were the surroundings of the cathedral. Next to it is Seine River and also a beautiful garden. So much that we spent more than 2 hours sitting next to it!! There is also a way to go to the top of Cathedral but we decided not to go.

Later, we took a one hour cruise on Seine River. It passes through 25 out of 37 bridges constructed across the river in Paris. All along the river are various monuments of Paris like Eiffel tower, Louvre Museum, Notre Dame and French parliament to name a few.

The guide also showed the place where Princess Diana died in an accident.

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