Eiffel Tower, Paris

15 May 2011

The most imposing structure of Paris. We were there at 5PM on the first day. The queue to reach to the top was long and we decided to climb to the top on the next day. Also, we were very much tired by night journey and by the long walk in Louvre museum.

But we wanted to see the lighting of Eiffel tower in the night. The only problem was that it was summer and sun sets only at 10PM!! We just relaxed in the gardens next to the tower. The wait was agonizing for me because of cold and hunger. I badly needed a cup of tea but all that was available was coke and similar drinks.

Lot of people sell the replica of Eiffel tower and most of them are Indians. They are bit irritating as they keep bothering people to buy the items they have. Very much like here!! We were sitting there for several hours and did not see much people buying from them. How can they sustain with such business in an expensive city like Paris.

But the long wait till sunset was rewarding. I could take some decent snaps without a tripod.

After watching the lights, we rushed to the metro station. We cannot miss the last train!! And we had to change the trains at three stations in order to reach our hotel. Everything went smoothly.

Next day, we were back at Eiffel tower. The queue was considerably less and within 30 minutes we were at the ticket counter. Due to the crowd, entry to the top was stopped. We were given tickets only till the second stage of the tower.

The elevator took us to the 2nd stage within no time. And immediately we were standing in the queue for the top!! Within few minutes, we were enjoying the beautiful view of Paris from the top of Eiffel tower!!

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