Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Nagareshwara Temple, Bankapura

9th October 2011

It was while driving back from Dharwad we saw the Karnataka tourism board of Bankapura. It seemed to be a nice good idea to spend some time in the Temple town. My wife agreed and so was my daughter. The kid was more excited about the peacock sanctuary in the village!! Two km from NH-4 was the village of Bankapura. The road to Temple passed through a ruined fort and shrub forest. The forest opened up into a clear area and the Temple appeared. Unlike other historical Temples this is not surrounded by houses.

The Temple looks great from exterior. The distinguishing feature of the Temple is 66 stone pillars. The carving at the exterior is beautiful.

The decorated garbha bruha entrance. Unfortunately we could not enter into it as it was locked.

It window of the garbha gruha was broken. It now looks bit awkward.

The big problem with the lesser known Temples is the paucity of information. The person responsible for guarding Temple simply told that it was built by Jakanachari!! We did not ask for any further question. It was built during Chalukya regime but I have no info about its time.

We heard the sound of peacocks coming from the nearby forest. It was expected as the area falls under peacock sanctuary. It was a hot day and they did not come into open. My daughter was disappointed. Early morning or late evening is the best time to watch peacocks.

Where is Bankapur?
Bankapur is between Hubli and Haveri on NH-4. It is about 50km from Hubli. The Temple is 2km from the National Highway.


Santosh said...

Another interesting place and another wonderful post Arvind :)

On the way to Dandeli, passed through Bankapur, saw the peacocks but missed this temple ;)

Chitrai Senthamil Selvam R said...

Superb photos :-)

arunthetraveller said...

Its a very good temple spread across huge area. But unfortunately when I went there last month, it was closed and was filled with local people playing cards inside the temple.

Team G Square said...

Lovely temple and good place to spot peacock . There is a cattle breeding center inside the fort .

Team G Square said...

This temple was built between 11-12 century , when Hoysala where ruling this place . Thus its being associated with Jakanachari .

Sankara Subramanian C said...

Looks like a great temple with intricate carvings. Great finds. Our state have some unbelievable monuments.

Aravind GJ said...

Santhosh, Chitrai, Sankara

G Square,
Thanks for the information. The Jakanachari connection is informative.

I agree with you looking at the people who were at the Temple during our visit.

Nishitha KM said...

hi..thanks for sharing..this week end i am planning a trip to br hills resort and also near by place k gudi resort...

praveen pandit said...

wow , those are really wonderful . Thanks for sharing . Its incredible . Kashmir Tour Packages