Baalebare falls

30th August 2011

Another road side falls!!

This is at the beginning of Hulikal ghat. As you start descending from Mastikatte (last town before the ghat) you see Chandikamba Temple on your right side. People make a stop here before proceeding further. Continue on the main road and you see the falls!!

We went during peak monsoon time mist had enveloped the entire ghat area!! We could identify the falls only by its sound. We had to wait some time for fog to clear!! The silky white falls was a treat to watch.

While returning back we saw few elderly people walking on the main road. They had stopped their vehicle at the Temple and walked down to see the falls. But they were struggling to climb up. A woman in the group was gasping. The people requested and we decided to take her in our car. She told that they did not anticipate the climb while returning back. Anyway, she was in better form when we dropped near the Temple.

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