Siddeshwara Temple, Haveri

11 November 2011

It is hard to imagine that such a great Temple complex can exist in the main road of Haveri town. The gardens and lawns maintained by ASI are large and beautiful. It seems to be a favorite place for locals to relax and enjoy. We saw a lot of students studying under the shade of the tree. And there were few couples roaming around.

The Temple is situated at the far end of the garden. Built during 11th century CE it is one of finest example of Western Chalukyan art. Like the Temple at Bankapura the basement of this Temple is sunk by few feet. The Temple is also called as Purasiddeshwara Temple.

The sculptures on the roof is impressive.

Before the garbagruha is a pillar with inscriptions.

The gopura of the Temple is beautifully carved.

A neglected sculpture of Ugra Narasimha next to the main Temple.

We spent a long Temple just sitting under the shade of a tree. My daughter spent some time chasing egrets that were numerous in the garden.

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