Navilu Theertha

8th October 2011

This place turned out to be an exceptionally great place. Initially, we had no plans of going to Navilu Theertha where Malaprabha Dam is constructed. All along the way from Sogala->Munavalli->Savadatti we were seeing the backwaters of the dam. And then we came to know that the dam is very near to the main road we were travelling. “Why not just look into the place” we thought.

Next to the board “Welcome to Malaprabha dam” was a board “Entry restricted”!! Completely confused I asked a local guy whether normal people like us can enter the place. After his affirmative reply, we entered into the gate. The dam was still a km away and we were still seeing the boards “private vehicles restricted” and “No entry” boards. Being a law abiding citizen(!) I stopped my car thinking the next course of action. And then a private bus full of tourists passes ahead leaving a cloud of smoke on us!! I promptly followed the bus. I feel that the Government departments get some satisfaction by putting such nonsense boards.

But the flower garden at Navilu Theertha was simply great!! Kudos to people who have maintained it so well. My kid loved it and was we. We spent a good amount of time seeing those beautiful flowers.

Visitors are not allowed to go to Malaprabha dam but they can see it from the top. The dam is constructed at a place where the river from the plain enters into a gorge.

One of the gates of the dam was opened which gave a different perspective of the surroundings.
A nice place to spend time!!

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