8th October 2011

The beauty of Sogala lies in its approach. After travelling for a long time on plain land, the view of the hills come as a respite. And a waterfall suddenly appears as we enter the Sogala village. A pool as large as a lake is formed at the base of the waterfall. It was much more than expected and we were positively surprised. We started from Belagavi in the morning and had to reach Dharwad by evening. A nonstop journey would just take an hour and hence we decided to take a detour and visit nearby places.

For people who are not aware of this place, Sogala is a religious destination in Belagavi district. It is famous for its Temple the prime being the Someshwara Temple. It is at a distance of about 60km from Belagavi via Hire Bagevadi and Bailahongala.

Coming back to our trip, our joy of seeing the falls was short-lived. The filth of this place was revealed as we got down and went near the pool. It was sad to see people using this place for attending nature calls. People were least perturbed that it was a religious site. We then decided to look at the Temples. Since the Temples were located on the hills we started climbing the nicely paved steps. As expected, the views from the top were nice. The Renuka Sagar backwaters (Malaprabha dam) could be seen.

But unfortunately the place is maintained badly. It was filled with leftovers of previous day feast. We could not manage to stay there for long. A small waterfall lies on the top of the hill which is used by devotees to take bath. A deer park is also maintained in the complex.

Sogala has all the potential of being a nice place if maintained well.

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