One day, two beaches

10 November 2011

One early morning, we headed towards a secluded beach. Finding the route was difficult as there were no sign boards. As I stopped my car at the edge of a hill, the splashing of waves could be heard. We had walk down a few hundred meters to reach the beach.

It is a beach formed between two mountains. The beach itself may be few hundred meters wide. A village of about 4-5 houses is just next to the beach. It left me wondering why “investors” have not yet ventured into such a beautiful area. It is good that this area has not seen such people!!

Unlike other places, villagers have made sure that the beach remains clean. Thanks to its seclusion, this beach is visited by very few people. The only sound heard was of the waters and the chirping of birds.

The same evening we were at one of the “happening” beaches of the area, the “OM beach”. The beach has derived this name as its shape is like Sanskrit letter”OM”. 

The rocks at the beach provide a nice place to sit and relax. The sunset there was a treat to watch.

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