Savadatti fort

8th October 2011

Savadatti (or Saundatti) is more famous as a religious destination. The Yellamma Temple here attracts a lot of religious people from North Karnataka and Maharashtra. A lesser visited place is the Fort situated inside the town.

According to the information available, this fort was built by Jayappa Desai of Navalgund Sirasangi Samsthan in between 1743-51. The fort was later taken over by Hyder Ali of Mysore. In spite of its age the fort is well maintained. The strong outer walls give a special attraction to the fort.

Inside the fort is a children play area and a garden. The Kadasiddheshwara Temple is at the center of the fort. One needs to climb several steps to get into the Temple. The Savadatti town can be viewed from the top.

We can also walk on top of the outer wall of the fort and see the views at various angles. There were hardly any people when we visited the place thus offering the solitude from the crowded town of Savadatti.

Savadatti is about 85km from Belagavi and 37km from Dharwad.

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