Gujarat last day: Porbandar

31st December 2011

Today would be our last day in Gujarat. We had to go back to Veraval and catch the train to Ahmedabad. As we had already seen most of the places in Dwaraka on previous day, we had lot of time to be spared.

The first stop was at the lake where I saw lot of migratory birds. I do not know the name of the lake but it was an excellent place for bird watching. Even my daughter enjoyed the place a lot and she was roaming around the place. Few birds that we saw were Northern Pintail, Western reef egret, Black winged stilt etc.

On the way we visited few Temples that have some religious significance.

Inside Mahatma Gandhi's Home

At around noon we reached the town of Porbander. Being the birth place of Mahatma Gandhi, it is a well known place to everyone. Like others, we first went to the Gandhi ashram there. The place where Gandhi was born is now a well preserved monument. It was an experience to see a house that was several centuries old!! The house had several rooms but they were all very small.

Mahatma Gandhi's birth place

Another place of interest is Sudama Temple. Sudama who hailed from Porbandar was friend of Lord Krishna.

It was 2PM by the time we finished our visit to these places. Knowing our interest in Gujarati food, the driver took us to an authentic Gujarati restaurant that served meals. The good was amazingly great and the price very reasonable.

Another place that we wanted to visit was Madhavpur. We had seen a nice and long beach just next to the road. Here the road runs next to the beach for more than 2 kms. At 4PM in the afternoon there were very few people. We spent more than an hour playing in the beach.

We reached Veraval at 6PM. We had our evening snacks at a good roadside restaurant and also packed stuff for dinner (Scared of eating railway food!!). Overnight journey brought us to Ahmedabad where we had to catch the flight to Bengaluru.

Final words
There was lot of uncertainties before starting this trip. Unlike other trips I could not plan much. And all three of us were not in good health at that point of time.  But finally everything fell into place and ended up in a neatly executed trip!!

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