Ramadevara Betta

3rd March 2012

This is one of the nearest places to visit from my Home in Bengaluru. The journey to the base of the hill is much faster than going to Majestic!! Ramadevara Betta is a hill at about 3 km from the town of Ramanagara. As the name indicates there is a Temple dedicated to Lord Ram on the top of the hill. Also, the movie “Sholay” was shot at this location!!

At the base of the hill is a gate followed by neatly constructed steps. While ascending we saw a group of people climbing a monolith nearby. It was an awesome scene to watch from below. For us, climbing on steps was an easy exercise. Even my daughter liked it and climbed the steps at a quick pace. On the way there are rest points which help people to relax before climbing further.

After climbing about 300 steps we reach an open area surrounded by hills. There are few Temples and a pond next to it. The pond was completely fenced to prevent repeat of mishaps that occurred before. My daughter was bit disappointed as I had roped her into this trip saying that she can relax putting her feet in water!! Nevertheless the scenery from the top was impressive. Several hills in the vicinity can be viewed from that place.

From the open ground a small path leads to the next level of the mountain. The steps are no more present. Few minutes of walk leads to the last stage of the hill. We now have to climb a steep rock. The gradient makes it impossible to climb but then there are steps carved out of the rock. And iron rails are put for support. But still it was considerably steep for me to attempt thanks to mid acrophobia. But my sister in law quickly climbs the rocks with ease and I follow her without looking down.

On the top is a flat land with some better views. We stayed for few moments to get some good snaps. Getting down from the rock cliff was tricky but I managed it without any issue. 

The best time to visit this place is early morning or late evenings. It is also a good place for birding. One can also plan to visit Vulture sanctuary nearby.

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