Markonahalli dam

28th April 2012

Markonahalli dam is a reservoir built across Shimsha River.  It is near Yadiyur on Bengaluru Hassan highway. Built during 1930s by Sir M. Visveswaraiah, it acts as a source of water to nearby areas. I visited this place with my family during our recent trip to lesser known Hoysala temples.

After Bellur cross, I was constantly looking for the board to Markonahalli dam. Two km before Yadiyur was a small board indicating direction to the Markonahalli village. We took the left turn and proceeded six km further. The dam could be seen from the road itself. Next to it was a small unmaintained garden. A “restricted area” board greeted us. So we went further on the road that led directly to the reservoir bed area.

It was a nice sight to see a huge expanse of water in this harsh summer season. My daughter started collecting small stones and started throwing them to water. It gave her a feel of joy!! A family had come with a purpose of fishing. Birds were plenty due to the proximity of water.

A siphon system was installed in the dam (Looks somewhat similar to Madenur dam) which allows excess water to be automatically released.

Overall a nice place for a short visit if you are driving along Bengaluru-Hassan highway. 

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