Ruined Temples of Koravangala

28 April 2012

The village of Koravangala has three Hoysala Temples. Bucheshwara Temple mentioned in the earlier post is well maintained by ASI. The other two Temples under the control of Karnataka Government are completely in ruins.

These ruins lie opposite to Bucheshwara Temple. The complex consists of Nageshwara and Govindeshwara Temple. Both idols are missing. That might be a cause for the negligence as religious people do not take interest in preserving such Temples.

The entire structure is delicate which scared me to venture into. Luckily people had not used for nature calls!! But there were ample proof of people using this place for drinking and playing.

Undergrowth has taken over these Temples.

It looks like there was some effort before to restore the Temple. But for some reason it was stopped.

Only work the Karnataka Government did was to put up the board. They are very good at it.

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