Kashmir great lakes trek: Vishansar lake

14th August 2012

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At Sonamarg

It had rained slightly during night. Weather was still cloudy when I woke up at 6AM. This was what I saw when I came out of my tent.

We had to cross to the other side of the stream. The frozen ice on the helped us to easily reach the opposite side.

Then the climb to Nichnai pass started.

Near the pass was a small lake. It was a preview of the things to expect in the coming days!!

We climbed on the side of the waterfall (Not the one near the camp) to reach the top of the pass (or so we thought).

But then we found that we still need to climb higher!!

Finally after two hours of climb we reached the top of the pass.  It was 12,500 feet above sea level.

Other side of the pass was an icy slope with steep descent. We took a long time to cross this stretch. Our guide Altaf showed us the way to walk in ice to avoid slipping.

Now we knew why Himalayas were beautiful. The valley after Nichnai pass was filled with flowers!!

So much variety and it was a treat to our eyes.

Carpet of flowers.

A waterfall on the way.

The meadows were simply beautiful and the walk was long but pleasant. I never felt the tiredness.

We were walking at the backdrop of a mighty mountain.

The campsite was next to a stream.

In the evening we went to Vishansar Lake. We had to cross the stream and walk upstream. The stream itself was originating from Vishansar Lake.

Vishansar Lake.

When weather turned windy, the reflections were all gone!!

Vishansar Lake seen from the top.

It was a beautiful day. But there is something called “Calm before storm”. Next day would be the toughest day of my life!! 

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