Kashmir great lakes trek: Gangabal and Nundkol lakes

17th August 2012

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Today would be an eventful day for us as we would be seeing the last but the most picturesque lakes of Gangabal and Nundkol.

The days trek started with ascend to Zach pass. The initial path was strewn with bounders. It was basically jumping from one boulder to another.

While we were crossing boulders, the peak opposite to us was covered by pine trees. Amazing to see such a contrast.

The top of Zach pass was at the height of 13,500 feet. It took me little more than 90 minutes to climb up the pass.

Top of Zach pass
The view seen from the top of the pass was unforgettable. What a magnificent sight!! It was mighty Harmukh parvat with two lakes of Ganagabal and Nundkol at its base. A welcome respite from the tiredness of climbing the pass!!

Nundkol (at the left) and Gangabal lake
We sat there enjoying the scenery for more than an hour while people at the back took time to climb the pass. Here I must mention about “Uncle” of the trek. A retired person, he was doing the trek solo with couple of helpers to carry tents and luggage. He was limping but that did not stop his energy. He always started before us and walked at a steady pace and showed no signs of tiredness. Just before this trek, he had trekked to Amarnath cave (He was the only person in Amarnath when he visited!! But that is another adventure he narrated!!!!) . And he had planned one more trek in Kashmir after this. Amazing person!!

Harmukh parvat
If watched closely, two more lakes could be seen in the area. The lake on the right was a very high altitude.

Another lake was above Nundkol.

Climbing down was more difficult than I thought. It was a long walk which took us to the campsite next to Lake Nundkol.  We were now in the area frequented by trekkers. Couple of foreigners were basking next to their tents.

Since it was the last night of the trek, cooks were given rest and girls in our group took charge of cooking. An exciting evening, I must say!!

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