Sirimane waterfalls

1st October 2012

Few km from Sringeri is this nice waterfall called Sirimane. Few years ago, one had to walk for five km from Kigga village to reach the falls. But now a road is constructed till waterfalls and concrete steps take us directly to its base.

The best part is that the falls is completely safe to get in. With the absence of deep pools and dangerous swirls, even kids can easily get down to the falls. This made my daughter extremely happy with this waterfall.

Next to the main falls, a small waterfall hides behind the trees.

Side view of Sirimane falls.

A close up shot of the falls.

From a view point nearby one can see the top view of the falls.

A good place to visit if you are in Sringeri. To avoid crowds, visit this falls early in the morning.