Temples of Kashmir: Kheer Bhavani Temple

12th August 2012

Today there are very few Hindus left in Kashmir valley, but some good Temples still exists. One such Temple is Kheer Bhavani Temple at Tula Mula 27 km from Srinagar. A religiously significant Temple for Kashmiri Pandits, it is now attracting lot of pilgrims in recent years due to waning of militancy.

We visited this Temple on our way to Sonamarg. From outside, the Temple looks like a CRPF headquarters!! Considering the number of shops outside, it looks like it is a famous place among tourists.

The Temple complex itself is quite large and peaceful.

The main Temple is constructed over a sacred spring. It is a common practice here to offer milk and kheer to the spring as a part of worship.

It is said that the colour of the spring changes occasionally. It is said that the colour of the spring changed to black during the start of insurgency in late 80’s!! But now it looked turquoise blue which I hope is a good sign.

Old chinar trees in the Temple complex provide shade and resting place for people. Since there were very few visitors, we rested for some time under a tree!!

The Temple constructed of White marble is considered more religiously important rather than for its architecture. For people interested in architecture, there are better Temples in Kahsmir!! More information about them in the later posts.

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