Malmo, Sweden

28th October 2012

It was two years ago when I was in Paris, I saw a Eurolines bus to Oslo, Norway. I was surprised as the distance between the two cities over land was nearly 5,000 km!! North Sea and Baltic Sea separates the countries of Sweden, Norway and Finland. Going by land means crossing over to Russia, move northwards in Finland and finally go down to Oslo. It was too much of a journey for people travelling on bus. Later I did little bit of browsing to find out that a bridge connects between Europe and Scandinavia reducing the distance by thousands of kilometres.

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When I decided to visit Copenhagen, I was surprised to find that the bridge was in Copenhagen. Known as Oresund Bridge (├śresund), it is a combination of 8km bridge and a 4 km tunnel connecting the cities of Copenhagen in Denmark to Malmo in Sweden.

Train from Copenhagen takes just 20 minutes to cover this distance. We would have preferred a bus as it gives better views but unfortunately the public bus does not run on Sundays. So we settled for train journey.

Malmo is a small town but what impressed us was the cleanliness of the place. I had been to several places but Sweden seems to be the neatest country (My observation only).

Malmo castle is one of the attractions of the town.

Near the castle is a windmill.

Turning Torso, the highest Skyscraper is Sweden is another attraction. This is the view from the harbor area.

The green area next to the sea.

The sea itself is very clear in harbor area.

Oresund Bridge seen from Harbour area.

Look at the railway station at Malmo. It looks traditional from outside (Like our Mysore railway station) but completely modern inside. That is typical of European countries.

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