22 December 2012

Visakhapatnam or more popularly known as Vizag is a coastal town in Andhra Pradesh. Though Andhra is our neighboring state, journey to Vizag is a long one at it is at the other end of the state near Orissa!! My earlier visit to Vizag was when travelled on train from Calcutta to Bengaluru. I had heard that it was a good place to see beaches and hills together.  It was during Christmas holidays last year I really set my foot in Vizag!! Visakhapatnam was our gateway to our trip Eastern and Central India.

We took an early morning flight from Bengaluru. The journey was short which helped us to have our breakfast at Vizag itself.  Our hotel was Kinnera Comforts situated in Daba gardens area.  I booked this hotel as it was economical and tripadvisor had lot of good comments about the hotel. But I was bit disappointed with the surrounding area being crowded and not so clean. But anyway we were staying there just for a day. And the hotel allowed us for early check-in and rooms were clean. What else we need?

We had got up at 3:30AM to catch the flight and so we took some rest. After lunch, we set for some sightseeing. The first place we visited was Kailashgiri. It is a hillock near to sea. There is a road till top of the hill but since Autos could not climb the steep incline, we were dropped at the ropeway point at the base.

Kailashgiri is a place indented for picnic. The best part of the Kailashgiri was the views from top of the hill. This is the place where we can see Eastern ghat hills meeting Bay of Bengal in addition to the landscape of Vizag at the other end.

Kailashgiri has some parks, children playground area and a train that circles round the hill. Statues of various Gods are also abundant.

My daughter was not ready to leave the place but then she was lured by the beach she was seeing from the top. We got down from the ropeway and continued further to Rushikonda beach. We were now going on Marine drive with hills on our left and sea on the right. The tourism department has done a good job of developing gardens next to the sea.

Rushikonda was a nice place to play in the sea and relax. 

Another nice place to visit in Vizag is Submarine museum at RK beach.  

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