Bhutan: Bumthang

5th April 2013

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It started raining the moment we reached Jakar town in Bumthang.  As the temperature headed southwards, jackets were pulled out from rucksacks to keep us warm. There was nothing much to do other than savoring hot tea at the balcony of the resort and take a look at the valley and its surroundings. What a peaceful place it was!! Wi-Fi was available that helped us to get updates from outside world.

Next day morning opened with clear skies. Compared to the long journey of previous day, we will be spending a relaxed day in Bumthang. We first visited Jampey Lhakhang on the other side of Jakar. Jampey Lhakhang is an old Temple built during 7th century. On the way we cross Jakar Airport which is nothing but a strip of runway for an aircraft to land.

Our next place of visit was Kurjey Lhakhang on the other side of the River. It looked very near and we decided to cover this distance on foot. But it took us more than 30 minutes as the suspension bridge across the River was far away. The weather was pleasant and the scenery was beautiful and walking on such conditions was always a nice experience.

We stopped at many place to take photographs of the River, the trees and the flowers.

My daughter became cranky towards the end and we had to call the vehicle to pick her up. She had an overdose of Dzongs, monasteries and Lhakhangs. She started hating them. We had promised to take her to the River. But we could not find a good spot to get into and she was not happy with it.

We made a brief stop at Tamshing Goemba which had some good paintings.

And not to forget the prayer bells.

And finally the Jakar Dzong. Situated on a ridge, it provides nice view of the valley.

The weather by then had turned cloudy and the views were subdued.

We made a short visit to the town center by buy recharge cards. The Jakar town wore a deserted look even during mid day. The main bazaar was burned down in major fire in 2010. A large number of buildings were still temporary structures.

After lunch, we headed to the River side. My daughter’s spirits were suddenly raised and we see her enjoying the water!!

A long time was spent at the River side. We had to reluctantly depart when the dark skies indicated for to rains to pour.

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