Queen’s day in Amsterdam

30th April 2013

Queen’s day is a National holiday in Netherlands. It is actually the birthday of the Queen’s Mother which falls on 30th April each year. This year was different as the Queen handed over her throne to his Son Willem-Alexander on the same day. From next year the celebration will be called as King’s day!! And the day will fall on 27th April which is his birth date.

Why Queen’s day was celebrated on the birth date of Queen’s Mother and not on Queen’s birth date itself?
The Queen’s birth date falls on 31st January. But it is not a good time (winter!!) for outdoor activities in Netherlands!! Hence the Queen decided to continue with 30th April which was her Mother’s birthday!!

Our day
As we descended from the train in Amsterdam Central station, we were over whelmed by the “orange” presence. Almost everyone was wearing an orange dress!! On the streets we saw many shops selling orange coloured dresses and hats.

People were completely enjoying the time. Drinks were served generously and it was a party time!!

The crowd was concentrated at Dam square where the coronation ceremony took place.

People come in attractive dresses.

From Dam square, we walked further towards Museumplien.  Look at the crowds heading towards Museumplien.

We were hungry by then and had our food at “Mois”, a pure vegetarian restaurant!!

Amsterdam is a city of canals and parties happen on boats also!!

Museumplien is the place where all the cultural programs are held. We spent some time watching kids perform dance program and proceeded further to Amsterdam Zuid.

On Queen’s day people sell their second hand items. We could see lot of people set up the stalls on the streets selling the used items. Even kids were selling their old toys!!

We had walked nearly eight km by the time we reached Amsterdam Zuid station and in the process we had a great experience of Queen’s day celebration!!

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