Tulip gardens at Kuekenhof, Netherlands

28th April 2013

I had been to Netherlands many times on Office work but never got a chance to visit the most famous place in that country, the Tulip gardens of Kuekenhof. The simple reason was that I never visited Netherlands during Tulip season. The Kuekenhof gardens are open from 21st March to 20th May each year. My visit this time coincided with the tulip season enabling me to visit the largest flower garden in the world.

Kuekenhof is about 20 minutes of drive from Schipol Airport in Amsterdam. Plenty of buses are available from airport. Frequency of bus is increased during peak season.

It is interesting to note that the first recorded economic bubble was “Tulip mania”. The cost of Tulip bulbs reached astronomical heights and then suddenly collapsing. More information about this mania can be found here

The garden is filled with lawns and flowers

London bridge replicated here in the form of flowers!!

There has to be canals in Netherlands!!

No place is complete without a windmill in Netherlands!!

Note that Kuekenhof gardens do not contain “long fields” of flowers. They are situated outside the garden!!

The blue ones!! All these are owned by private.

The fields of Kurkenhof.

The white ones are also equally attractive!!

More flowers!!

Windmill in the background!!

Back to gardens!!

Lot of playing stuff for kids!!

Vast fields of flowers!!

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