Annapurna circuit trek, Day 2: Bhulbule to Syange

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Day 1: Kathmandu to Bhulbule

It rained throughout night in Bhulbule. When I woke up, though the rain had subsided, clouds hovered all over the sky.

Early morning view at Bhulbule
We had our breakfast at 6:30AM. My choice was limited to Tibetan bread (kind of poori) and bread toast which I had to manage for the next few days. At 7AM, I and Subbu started our trek. We crossed first of the suspension bridges across Marsyandi River and continued on the Jeep track.

Suspension bridge near Bhulbule
Bhulbule is now busy with the construction of Hydro power plant construction. A Chinese company is doing the project. The personal, equipments, vehicles are from China. And the sign boards are in Chinese. I hope At least the power generated goes to Nepal.

Marsyandi river near Bhulbule
We crossed a beautiful waterfall on the way.

A waterfall near Bhulbule
After an hour of walk, we reached a small village of Ngadi. Here we diverted from the main road and climbed to another village of Bahundanda. The climb was steep but the route was scenic with lot of waterfalls.

Waterfalls near Bahundanda
At Bahundanda, we had to show our permits at the check post and refilled our water bottle from a tap nearby. Water in Nepal is considered not safe for drinking. Trekkers are even advised not to drink water directly from the streams. Bottled water is available everywhere in the trail but it is difficult to dispose the bottles. Also, it is very expensive in the trekking trails. There are safe drinking water stations in Annapurna area but are only available at few places. So, a reliable alternative is to treat water ourselves. We used chlorine tablets to treat the water. While water purifying tablets are difficult to find in India, they are easily available in Kathmandu. I would have loved to use “Steripen” but they were not available in India. Chlorine water smells a little but we got used to!!

Rice terraces near Bahundanda
Back to the main story. After resting for a while at Bahundanda, we were again on the foot. The trail went down continuously and entered into the forests. The trail alternated between rice terraces and forests. The views were simply great throughout the walk.

Waterfalls after Bahundanda
We reached a village of Ghermu where we could see a beautiful waterfall and Syange, our destination. Subbu wanted to continue further as we had made it in good time. But I had pains in lower back and desperately needed rest. So, we settled down in “Everest lodge” at Syange.

A narrow trail between Bahundanda and Ghermu

Syange and the waterfall

Syange village is situated next to Marsyandi River with a huge waterfall. In the evening we climbed up to get a better view.

Near the waterfall

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